Full-Day Sightseeing Tours In Istanbul

Tour 1. Byzantine / Ottoman Relics

Hippodrome: It is the former center of sportive and political activities of Constantinople. During the visit you will be able to see the Obelisk from Egypt, serpentine Column from Delphi and fountain of Wilhelm II.

Blue Mosque: One of the biggest mosques of Istanbul from 17th century architecture and is one of the principal adornments on the skyline of Istanbul. Also famous for its blue tiles and 6 minarets.

Blue Mosque

St.Sophia: The magnificent Byzantine Church of all times; one of the finest and largest architectural works of art in the world. It has been nominated to be the 8th wonder of the world by many historians.

Topkapi Palace museum incl. the Treasury section: The former imperial residence from where the Great Ottoman Empire was ruled. Today a spectacular museum that has one of the largest collections of Chinese and Japanese porcelain and the very famous treasury of the Royal Family.

Topkapi Palace museum
Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar: In addition to its historical importance, it’s a bazaar that will tempt even the nonshoppers with its rich collection of precious handmade carpets, jewellery, leather and souvenirs.

Tour 2. Bosphorus (visit the Spice Market before the Bosphorus cruise)


Embarking the ferry from Eminonu, you will leisurely sail by the baroque 19th century palaces, the beautiful old wooden houses, Rumeli Hisar and Anadolu Hisar fortresses, sailing under the Bosphorus Bridge.

Eyup Mosque: The holiest mosque of Istanbul dedicated to the memory of Prophet Mohammed’s Standard-Bearer Eyup Ensari. Behind the mosque, there is the Turbe (Burial Site) of the standard-bearer, which has the most beautiful samples Iznic tiles.

Café Pierre Lotti: Wonderful view of Golden Horn and Istanbul. Famous French author Pierre Loti (1850-1923) came to this place and wrote a lot of poems about Istanbul, the Golden Horn and Life in the Harem, here.

Eyup Mosque

TOUR PRICES USD (per person)

2 (persons) 3 4 5-7 8-10
Byzantine / Ottoman Relics 182 135 110 98 78
Bosphorus 175 124 105 92 72

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What’s included

  • Entry fees to the Museums
  • Private Professional guidance in English Language
  • Private coach with A/C Vehichle
  • Lunch with 1 soft drink
  • Parking fees
  • Local taxes
  • Full-day tours are starting at 09:00 AM and completed at 06:00 PM